As of Feb 2019, these are going for $90-130 on Ebay or BG or GB or such. Width from wheel mounting surface to wheel mounting surface: ~250mm. The average Washington County resident uses 285 gallons of water a day, according to Utah's Division of Water Resources. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. The influx of people combined with drought has strained its water system and a growing chorus of people fear there won't be enough to go around. Still with all that being said totally worth the money and high fun factor. But Traxxas didnt stop there; theyve also given it a two-speed hi-lo transmission and electronic hill-hold control to ensure that no obstacle is too mighty for this 1/10 scale Defender. (Todd Parks for ABC News), Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. axben, stock tires are ok at best if you cut and shut the wheel it will help with the outer diameter, ie makes the tire taller more ground clearance and more side wall lug cutting the center lug will help with tire bite, for max results on a budget take the tire and soak it in WD40, it will help soften the tire for max grip, if you have access to a wire wheel, lightly knock off the sheen on the tire and soak in WD40, this will soften the tire even more and provide the max tire bite for stock, if you by aftermarket I recommend the Hyrax 2.2 with preadator compound they have the best grip imo. Redcat Racing - RER11128. Like a few others in here I'm also a newbie. Waterproof: Yes "We're using too much water," said CSU board member Ed Andrechak, who moved to Washington County in 2020. The analysis indicates that around 81% reviews were positive . Has anyone tried to put the Holmes 380 Outrunner in theirs yet? Nature-Inspired Lighting for Indoor Spaces. Your email address will not be published. I love the spare tire mount. So still uh still running that body. One of the solutions that has been on the table for more than two decades is a 140-mile pipeline that would divert water from the Colorado River to Washington County homes, but it is unlikely to be built in time to help. Danchee Ridgerock 37t motors and 1080 esc's Exocaged RC 58.2K subscribers Join Subscribe 14K views 1 year ago WOOHOOO Glad to have it back together!! Read more. Urpalcharlie hear are some of the MOA gear ratios that I have found some don't tell you the ratios so I only listed the ones I could find. huge, Very cool build. I came across a 1950's truck body that I'm currently trying to get to fit. Oh, and since its based on the MR-03 chassis, its compatible with any of the body styles across the Mini Z line. "The water is really weak," Ford said he told the irrigation manager., I changed the servos out almost immediately and just because i didnt really care for the stock servos i mean, i think, thats pretty common im gon na swap batteries real quick anyway battery swapped out, i run the uh voltage alarm as you can see there. Drivetrain: 2WD But after eight years, there starts to become a lot of question marks.". So in conclusion if you can't cut and shut a wheel I'd still buy these wheel and tires and get hub extenders, take out the foams the danchee isn't heavy enough to need them and soak the tires over night in WD40 in gallon ziplock bags and I promise your rig will be darn near unstoppable. keep up the mods love seeing the pics. With the touch of a button, easily switch between steering modes for front wheel steering, rear wheel steering, four wheel steering . I think the Danchee has been discontinued. Danchee vs ECX Temper 2 vs Everest 10. Call or visit us with project questionsno purchase required! Nothing but good clean fun. How about Redcat Racing, you know, the company that makes the Gen8. You can see. Scale: 1/16 I have a few Stampedes, Amp MTs, and a monster Slash to keep my MT addiction at bay for now, The following errors occurred with your submission. The Danchee Ridgerock is a super affordable 1/10 scale rock crawler with front & rear multi-link suspension, front and rear transmission, two high-torque electric brushed motors, and multi-select 4 wheel steering. Urpalcharlie, looks awesome , love the lights and glad to hear your really enjoying it, id have to say for the money its probably one of if not the best RC's I've ever bought. With this in mind, weve scoured the internet for what we feel to be the best RC cars for adults. Boasting features like VCS front suspension for optimized camber, a newly-designed ESC for improved handling, as well as optional gyro compatibility for an even more responsive ride, its an RC thats perfect for those who want to customize their performance. 2537 Entrada Trail, St. George, UT. If the options up until now have been a bit too small for your liking, RedCat Racings 1/6 scale truck should do just the ticket; its the biggest RC of the lot. The stock servo that comes with a Danchee Ridgerock is only 6kg. We use cookies to optimize our website and our service. In fact, between their potential for customization and their use of legitimate automotive technology, these miniaturized vehicles offer much of whats exciting about a real car, albeit in a considerably more manageable package. Intended Use: On-Road. Okay, so at $650, Arrmas Infraction truck is undoubtedly an investment, but the added expense is completely worth it when you consider what it gets you in terms of performance. Out of harm's way. $50-$100 (2) $100-$250 (28) $250-$500 (29) $500-$750 (5) . The Redcat Everest 10 is a solid choice with many, many free modifications that can make it perform better. Wltoys 1/12 50km/H High Speed RC Car for Kids/Adult Gift,2.4G 4WD off Road, Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler with Waterproof Electronics, 2.4Ghz Radio Control, DANCHEE RidgeRock - 4WD Electric Rock Crawler - 1/10 Scale - RTR, Exceed RC Rock Crawler Truck 1/10 MadVolt 4WD w/ Waterproof Electronics RC Car, REMO Hobby Rock Crawler 1/10 4WD RC Monster Truck Off-Road Brushed RC Car, 1:8 Redcat TC8 Marksman RC Truck Trail Crawler Electric 2.4GHz Green, Axial RC Truck 1/24 SCX24 Jeep JT Gladiator 4 Wheel Drive Rock Crawler, RGT RC Crawler 1:10 4WD Off-Road Truck Rock Cruiser RC 136100V3 Hobby RC, LAEGENDARY RC Crawler - 4x4 Offroad Crawler Remote Control Truck for Adults. Construction continues at a residential community that surrounds a larger beach-like pool called Desert Color, April 16, 2023, in St. George, Utah. Proposals to pipe water from the Colorado River or dig new, deeper wells have met local and national opposition, stalling efforts to secure the countys water future while half-built developments line its freshly paved streets. There are 3s lipos ive ran those ive ran 3s on this pretty much from after the first two weeks. Analysis of 200+ reviews for DANCHEE RidgeRock - 4WD Electric Rock Crawler. We are always on the lookout for great bargains in RC that will offer a ton of bang for your buck. hope this helps. This Danchee Ridgerock (a sub-brand from Redcat) has been around, but I have alway. So, while you may never get the chance to actually drive Vaughn Gittin Jr.s Mustang RTR or work on an Audi R8 LMS, racing one around your living room makes for a kind of fun unto its own. Required fields are marked *. When nothing but the most off-road ready RC will do, Traxxass TRX4 Defender is the model for you. To provide runtime, you can upgrade the battery. You can see there and then i just cut it and glued it. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Id love to know where folks get their metal arms/links from? Ford said his hay crop yield has been cut in half in the last few years as rain and irrigation water have become less reliable. Once things really start to break down or wear out ill probably get some beefier axles that can take 540 or 550 motors and really start to build something again, ill do 4 ws and rear dig possibly both front and rear digs. New ordinances banned lawns for new commercial developments and strictly limited the size of lawns for residential buildings. Ready to run right out of the box, it comes with everything you need, including a 2.4 GHz transmitter, a rechargeable battery, and even a set of four AAs. The Sunriver housing development is seen, Oct. 13, 2005 in St. George, Utah. Of course, everyone would love a full-size UTV, but theyre not always the most practical of purchases due to their price and space requirements. Your email address will not be published. And while most other large brushless vehicles reach nearly four figures in price, the Shredder is comparatively affordable at under $400 a pop. meatmonkey, they do look cartoonish, but they flat out work, so funny looking or not I'm probably going to buy another set, for mine, lol can't have my son showing me up. Rob Ford was watering his hay last October at his small Washington County, Utah, ranch when he realized the flow was weaker than usual. However, thats not to say that its any less of a quality offering. Drivetrain: 2WD Microsoft and partners may be compensated if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. Sunbrook Golf Club. I am always on the lookout for budget-entry vehicles for the RC community. Location: california under the rock im crawling on. #RedcatRacing danchee RIDGEROCK - Extreme 4x4 Water Crossing!! - YouTube Goin off the deep end with the danchee ridgerock! The Danchee Ridgerock is such a great crawler for the $$$ - really a great way to get into crawling on a budget. Rather, with independent front and rear suspension, a 15kg metal gear servo, a heavy-duty ABS construction, and a waterproof 80A ESC, its better to think of the Shredder as an option that undercuts the market, proving that spending less can sometimes land you more. One of the 74 protests filed against the wells last year came from Conserve Southwest Utah. Shout out too egoaudio, those fatty tires are for the the mad torque which are like 1/8 scale, and man are they awesome I grabbed a set for the price and man after some modding they are amazing. Take to the tarmac or venture off the beaten path you get to choose your own destiny. Scale: 1/10 Like his siblings, he's spent plenty of time with daddy at the controls, but he's not about to get any of my more expensive crawlers. Hey guys, My youngest (turning 4 soon), is going to get a crawler for his birthday. This Danchee Ridgerock (a sub-brand from Redcat) has been around, but I have always dismissed it as more of a toy.BOY WAS I WRONG! Oh, and wed be remiss not to mention the Martini-liveried body; it features an incredible attention-to-detail, with separate parts for the spoiler and side mirrors as well as authentic touches like a set of blister fenders front and rear. thanks guys i realy enjoy that rig but my point was anything is posable with some creativity. Technically, this is a car thats best used on the road, but because of the 44 drivetrain, it can handle everything from loose gravel and smooth dirt to short grass and even ice. Of course, such a setup wouldnt be enough without a little extra oomph under the hood, so Losis mated the all-metal gear transmission to a Spektrum Firma 6500kv brushless motor, ensuring that you get the best balance of long-term reliability and uncompromised acceleration. this is from a while back but how well did you like the stock tires compared to them with the center lugs cut out? The Ridgrock looks like a great entry into RC crawling so we decided to give one a workout and of course share our thoughts about its features and performance. Here is where you can get one: https://amz. Danchee doesn't sound like a familiar name? Two weeks after his irrigation, Ford harvested and baled his hay. Record snowfall this winter provided some much-needed moisture, but Utah resource managers warn that long-term drought is still a concern. SEQURE B60D Unboxing & Review. Rob Ford was watering his hay last October at his small Washington . I crawl this not every day. So you could win $4, $10, $20, or even $50 depending on your level. Steep multi-colored canyons rise above the Virgin River on a day filled with dramatic clouds as viewed, Sept. 16, 2022 southwest of St. George, Utah. Intended Use: On- & Off-Road. The Speed Demon . the mods are listed below with links, use. For all but the most deep-pocketed of auto enthusiasts, Lancias legendary Delta rally car will forever be an impossible aspiration. Little Black Mountain Petroglyph Site. IVe got got it on the forum and on one of the older links that i have are older videos um. In this video we take the Ridgerock, which is actually a Redcat RC Crawler, threw its paces to see what it can do. Location: california under the rock im crawling on, Redcat seems vary reasonable why not petition them for upgrades to this rig I'm not sure if its saposed to be hobby grade but it seems there might be enuff interest for them to make a run of upgrade and repair parts. Redcat Racing in late 2018 released a budget entry crawler. Waterproof: No Waterproof: No I gave it to a friend of mine to fix and never saw it again, but that's alright. 4-mode 4 wheel steering is easily accessible with the touch of a button. Whether you take care of an army of plant babies or, if your green thumb skipped a generation, you prefer to use nature-inspired shapes . Take a look! Um the steering servos again, i replaced those just because i dont didnt, like the stock ones, because when youre doing technicals the stock servos wont um wont do what i want them to do. Waterproof: Yes Eventhough I had a nitro volcano about 18yrs ago or so. The technical storage or access is necessary for the legitimate purpose of storing preferences that are not requested by the subscriber or user. Tunable Suspension, Adjustable Ride Height . Some of St. George's best courses include: SunRiver Golf Course. As such, its up to us to find an outlet for our oil-blooded enthusiasm in other forms, be it something as simple as spectatorship or something as involved as a track day. BestViewsReviews analyzed 29,158 reviews for 75 products in the Hobby RC Crawlers category. I've only had two issues with it. The DANCHEE Ridgerock has a following for its great price and climbing performance. Re-routed the wires a bit. Is there a crawler out there that has the same length links as an MOAC?? . racerfred, looking forward to seeing what you come up with and yes if they made aftermarket metal gears the up grades to motors would be fun. All rights reserved. I actually ordered one on amazon the week they where released, then about a half hour after I got cold feet, canceled the order and ordered a Gen7 instead, now kinda wish I had it. The Danchee Ridgerock is a super affordable 1/10 scale rock crawler with front & rear multi-link suspension, front and rear transmission, two high-torque electric brushed motors, and multi-select 4 wheel steering! Although they are very toy like, they . Portable Soldering Iron! Sharing all the recent trends, tips, and tricks for a beautiful space. 1/10 Danchee Ridgerock 4WS, 4WD Rock Crawler, RTR. They are a 6 3 overall diameter it . Waterproof: No Yes some would spend the $60, but probably not worth the tooling cost to justify it. Just a few shots of my sons rig in action. Just swap the ball ends. Basically, i think i might have dropped it or it might have had something to do with. "I would love to see a stronger culture of the community coming together and recognizing that we need to conserve water more," she said. Waterproof: No I actually have broke the frame right there and right there. This helps support the website and social media channels and allows us to continue to produce content. So but honestly, ive only broke one c knuckle two steering knuckles. Plant-inspired. the mods are listed below with links, use them to help support Exocaged RC, Thanks! This is not a place for discussion, but a place for parts that can help others. Nikes ACG Dri-FIT UV Devastation Trail Top Is the Perfect Versatile Hiking Shirt, Saucey Is Your New Go-To Service for Fast, Convenient Liquor Delivery, The Best All-Gold Essentials For Your EDC [VIDEO], Our Favorite Nike ACG Gear for Exploring the Outdoors Right Now, Benchmade Unveils a Pair Of Ultra-Top-Shelf Gold Class Fact Knives, The 8 Best Bushcraft Knives For The Outdoors in 2023, Nikes Pegasus 40 Road Running Shoe Is Designed to Mold to Any Foot, Independently published in Los Angeles, CA, 2023 HICONSUMPTION LLC. Delivered right to your inbox. Scale: 1/10 ferp420, That little mini cooper project looked awesome, Pretty creative work I like how it was looking in the pics. Drivetrain: 4WD I whole heartedly agree with you. Scale: 1/7 Superglue the cut off strips to the inside to stiffen the mounting points and mount the body back a bit: Then some weights in the tires, and got rid of the foams: Redcat Gen7 links (part# 13822) fit perfectly 134mm. "Is that about what we are expecting today?". I was looking to order these, they should fit. The Danchee Ridgerock is ready to run and includes a 7.4v 1500mAh rechargeable battery pack, USB battery charger, and 2.4GHz radio system. Drivetrain: 2WD Although weve included no shortage of fast RCs on this list, Losis 69 Camaro is the only one thats a dedicated drag car. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright . Waterproof: Yes Jlane, that's it in a nut shell great little budget friendly beginners crawler that has possibilities, to become even more, with very little spent. 4210 Bluegrass Way, St. George, UT. These days, it comes with high-quality drivetrain components like a Titan 550 motor, a Metal gear Magnum 272 transmission, and a special slipper clutch for torque control. The U.S. Geological Survey shows that Washington County, where St. George is located, residents use an average of 306 gallons per day. Here in the backyard with my son, but more often than not, he likes the faster rc's. He does doesn't mind bashing around kind of with his crawler, but he's not quite into the technical part of it yet, which is fine, it's, a pretty good little basher. As such, it comes fitted with details like staggered Mickey Thompson tires, limited-travel shocks, lower shock towers, and an adjustable wheelie bar. Although RC cars are one type of toy thats fun to play with even as an adult, theyre hardly your only course of action. Waterproof: Yes Ever since Kyosho launched the original Mini Z back in 1999, the platform has proven immensely popular amongst RC enthusiasts, even going so far as to prompt its own race series. And heres the thing over the years, Traxxas has continued to upgrade the platform to ensure its relevancy. Overview. Danchee Ridgerock 4WD 4WS, by RedCat Racing. snow, and sleet, as it has waterproof-sealed electronics. George, UT 84790435.467.5483, 1123 West 200 SouthParowan, Utah 84761435.467.5483, Luxur Lighting I run the slightly thicker blue aluminum, not the plastic wheel, hexes, so that i dont break those, but as far as breakages ive had one gear strip out steering knuckles, two of them one steering hub um. For Ford, that means learning how to do more with less. as far as speed, and water proofing crawlerjunkie, there are tonnes of you tube videos out there show both the speed and these things being driven in water, I would guess they are water resistant but not water proof. Drivetrain: 2WD Thanks bbolden516, I appreciate that. As such, RedCat Racings Danchee Ridgerock Rock Crawler offers an incredible value proposition, combining front and rear multi-link suspension, two torquey brushed motors, all-wheel-drive, and even four-wheel independent steering, all in a capable 1/10 scale package. A highly detailed 1/18 scale replica of Vaughn Gittin Jr.s 1969 Ford Mustang RTR-X, it features a full-time, belt-driven 4WD system, a waterproof steering servo, and some double-wishbone suspension that even comes with its own set of coil-overs. Urpalcharlie, and or any newer rc enthusiast with similar experiences, this is just IMO or my experience, unfortunately I haven't seen really any up grades for the axles ie: knuckles metal gears or better motors. Coral Canyon golf course, one of 14 golf courses in the St. George, Utah area. Waterproof: No Intended Use: On- & Off-Road Purchase: $60 RedCat Racing Danchee Ridgerock Rock Crawler With little exception, most remote-controlled cars at this price point are usually 1/16 scale or smaller. Drought has gripped the region for two decades. As Jlane said its a great little budget friendly starter rig but, the real fun comes I think from building one from the ground up. $134.99. I am always on the lookout for budget-entry vehicles for the RC community. Intended Use: On- & Off-Road. Redcat Racing Danchee Ridgerock 1:10 Scale Rock Crawler DANCHEE-RIDGEROCK-BG Redcat Danchee RidgeRock RC Rock Crawler, 1:10 Scale, 4WD, Electric, Brushed Motor, 40 Amp ESC, 2.4 . I could have probably put a delrin or something to slide across to make it easier, but anyway, this is basically what 18 months of running the dancy and i think, all in total ive got 20, maybe 25 dollars worth of actual parts that i had to replace. 2366 Sunbrook Dr, St. George, UT. TWO crawlers for $180? Brushless waterproof (1) Hobbywing 80A MAX10 ESC (1) Hobbywing EZRUN-120A ESC (1) Get Results; Price Range. Buy me a cup of coffee here: provided by T2NATE and the YouTube library. Re: Danchee ridgerock As Jlane said its a great little budget friendly starter rig but, the real fun comes I think from building one from the ground up. Scale: 1/10 10 Best Rc Rock Crawlers January 2023 Results are Based on 7,928 Reviews Scanned Powered by Trending Searches Vizio 4k Tvs Poe Switches Swatch Watches Raid Enclosures Home Lifestyle Buying Guides. Once things really start to break down or wear out ill probably get some beefier axles that can take 540 or 550 motors and really start to build something again, ill do 4 ws and rear dig . Intended Use: On-Road. We analyzed a total of 228 reviews for this product out of which, 44 reviews were received in the last 6 months. Natural colors. 8.4 volts powering twin 380 brushed motors!,,,,,,, The Ridgerock is low hanging fruit for them, they never it intended to be upgraded (entry level). By far it's been the best $100 I've spent. In In Phoenix the average per resident is 111 gallons per day. Pro tip: Driving around in golf carts is fun. When i cut this, when i had it kind of chalked up in the vise, i might have pre cracked it, but i made mine shorter, because i was always catching and hanging up on the belly granted. "When I start looking out a decade, I'm very nervous," Washington County Water Conservancy manager Zachary Renstrom told ABC News. For comparison, the average person in Las Vegas uses just 123 gallons a day. Scale: 1/28 With the touch of a button, easily switch between steering modes for front wheel steering, rear wheel . They just should have reused the rs10xt gears, I tried them already. Thankfully, this mini Can-Am Maverick makes for the next best thing, because it combines the best elements of its real-life inspiration like floating solid rear axle and the rugged bodywork and shrinks them down to 1/18th scale. Scaling down the unrivaled all-terrain performance of the classic British icon, its built with things like portal axles for maximum ground clearance, remote-locking differentials for improved traction, and heavy-duty steel frame rails for iron-clad durability. "So the good news is there's great potential for conservation and reduction.". Redcat Racing Danchee Ridgerock 1:10 scale rock crawlers are a super affordable rock crawler with front and rear multi-link suspension, front and rear transmission, two high-torque electric brushed motors, and multi-select 4-wheel steering. All Rights Reserved. Get the Danchee Ridgerock RTR rock crawler today, and join the RC crawling community! Right thanks for the info. Fords observation has become universal in large swaths of the southwestern United States. I burnt out the front servo withing the first month(operator error I'm sure) then a little short(battery clip) in the wiring from unplugging the battery a lot to recharge it. This document is for the Redcat Danchee Ridgerock owners looking upgrade their trucks. Scale: 1/6 The four modes are front steer, front/ rear opposite, crab, and rear only, all proportional on the steering wheel. We know the hobby can get expensive, but there are some great vehicles out there that wont break the bank. So I made a youtube vid of my sons box stock danchee with only the modded wheels and tires I talked about before, and I'm sad to say I cant keep up. Aluminum servo, shock, and linkage mounts. Entrada at Snow Canyon. is The Technical blog on Cutting Edge RC Cars technology. That's just my opinion, I could be wrong. Drivetrain: 4WD Testing the speed of the RidgeRock and testing if it will take a 3s lipo.Thanks for watching! I broke links. My son, my sons, is just as old as mine. These servos come with strong copper and aluminum gears. RoadsideRC Merchandise: to support the channel? Scale: 1/18 If you find yourself caught somewhere in the middle of these two extremes, however, remote-controlled cars might very well be the fix you need. As for now for what is in the rig I couldn't be happier with it and my son loves his box stock one as well. $121 at Amazon. Very interested in this for some reason. DANCHEE RidgeRock - 4WD Electric Rock Crawler - 1/10 Scale - RTR , Blue 1,659 $12099$129.99 FREE delivery Fri, Apr 28 Ages: 14 years and up Amazon's Choice BETU 2Pack 25KG High Torque RC ServoWaterproof servo Compatible with 1/61/8, 1/10, 1/12 RC Car, Full Metal Gear Steering Servo with 25T Servo Horn270 1,017 $3299 FREE delivery Sun, Apr 30 Intended Use: Off-Road. So I can do a little night crawling I went and bought a led light kit for it. How about Redcat Racing, you know, the company that makes the Gen8. I had it so for basically a year and a half and all the electronics are still holding up granted. Drivetrain: 4WD Holly Snow Canada, CSUs executive director, says more could be done. The Little Black Mountain Petroglyph site offers visitors a chance to view ancient petroglyphs up close and personal. With little exception, most remote-controlled cars at this price point are usually 1/16 scale or smaller. These well-loved decor trends are giving homes across the world a breath of fresh air by inviting the outside in. Full ball bearing transmission. Waterproof: Yes As you can see, my links have tons and tons of wear. Scale: 1/10 Drop one of the brands Velineon in there and you can easily get 40+mph. Waterproof: Yes Drivetrain: 2WD His is completely box stock minus i run these tires. Intended Use: Off-Road.